Jomblang cave paradise of light and beauty of ancient forests

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Jomblang cave paradise of light and beauty of ancient forests

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Jomblang cave is located in the area Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. This cave is one of the attractions of interest to test the adrenaline.

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Jomblang cave has a natural charm that is appealing, especially for those who like adventureor challenge. Goa Tourism Jomblang capable of presenting your hard spur tourism experienceadrenaline.

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Jomblang cave as adrenaline test area has also been recognized internationally. This is evidenced by convening the event Amazing Race America” in 2011 ago where Goa Jomblangin Jogjakarta used for one of the routes in the event.

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Jomblang Cave including the type of vertical cave with type Collapse Dolineis formed from the collapse of the ground to the event along with the vegetation at the bottom of the earththousands of years ago. Ruins of natural events that eventually form a sinkhole” or pittinggaping, which is more popular in the Java language called Luweng. Because it has a widemouth of the cave and quite large (approximately 50 meters), then the mouth Goa Jomblangoften called Luweng Jomblang.

Jomblang cave has a height range from 40 meters to 80 meters from the lip to the bottom ofthe cave. If this is your first adventure in a vertical cave are recommended to try the shortestfirst.

The shortest trajectory referred to as VIP trajectory, in which the first 15 meters of the VIPterrace slope form can still be traversed by foot. But after that, the next track to be traversedusing a rope which you have to descend a rope along more than 20 meters to reach the bottomof the cave. After setting foot on the bottom of the cave, anxiety over down the rope can definitely be lost instantly.

Address Goa Jomblang: Padukuhan Jetis Wetan, Desa Pacarejo, Kec. Semanu, Kab. Gunungkidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta