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Tours on Java Island with a private driver and guide

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Are you looking for a safe, reliable driver, and guidance to show you all sights of Java ? I am sujilan will gladly beat at your service, my name is Sujilan but usually people called me Jilan. I am a driver as well as a tour guide, i am ready to service tourists who want to visit Indonesian. Especially an Island of Java and Bali. I have transport named lavoro transport, for European and Asia tourist who want to visit Java and Bali.

Do not need to find a tour guide, i am ready to pick up in which city you are. if you do not have program to be visited, i will help you with my program. But perhaps tourists already have our programs follow. For other accommodation such as hotels, plane tickets, train tickets we could help that. So tourists will not be difficult,because i will take care of it.

Just contact us at my phone/whatsapp : +628121562506, e-mail : sujilan@hotmail.com . for hotel booking we can look up from home stay to five star hotels. There are many programs that we can offer you. About the price is very attractive following your own budget.

I was born in Bantul which is not far from Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is one of famous city in Indonesian. Yogyakarta is very beautiful city, with natural scenery likes Merapi Mountain, Rice field, forest and also many people come here to see art and culture. Yogyakarta have 4 districts consisting Bantul, Sleman, Kulon Progo, and Gunung Kidul. Each districts have different tourist attraction. In Yogyakarta city you can find many interesting place such as Palace, Water Palace, Bird market, Sonobudoyo Museum, Beringharjo Market, Malioboro and many more. Batik is one of indonesian trademark art, we can serve you to see process for making some Batik, batik painting, batik natural dyes and wooden batik. There is also a place of batik factory, silver factory and many others.

In Bantul you can find Ceramic Factory at kasongan about five kilometers from Yogyakarta city. At the south of yogyakarta there is many beautiful beach like parangtritis, Drini, Wedi Ombo. If you like surfing or snorkling Wedi Ombo beach is good option with nice wave, white sand, and good spot to see sun rise and sunset. In other districts like Gunung Kidul will serve you will many beatiful beach and cave. For example you can visit the cave like Gua Pindul and Jomblong. Gua pindul is very great cave because it was in underground river, you will enjoying adventure in underground cave. At the west of yogyakarta you will find Kulon Progo, located 32 kilometers from yogyakarta. In Kulon Progo so many plants and rice field, with green scenery Kulon progo offering you Waduk Sermo, Tea Garden, and Kali Biru. In Kali Biru you can see beutiful blue lake called warduk sermo, this is perfect place for taking somephoto. At last sleman located at north Yogyakarta, Sleman offering you with Merapi Mountain, Salak Fruit Plantation, and Prambanan Temple. If you like hiking, merapi is very challenging and you can enjoying the nature. If you like outdoor activities, there is special cycling package for touring village by visiting Tempe, Tofu and cracker factory.

For that do not doubt, I am ready to take you. You need a reliable and safe driver to see the island of Java and Bali i would like gladly to serve you.

For those of you who are traveling alone to see the city of Jogjakarta, besides using a private car, we also provide motorbikes that are ready to take you.